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I live for the days when I see him

Six Word Stories [September 2011 onward]
Looking Down

September 2011

"Ooh! Just look at my hair!
No.. no, go on. Tell me ..."
Received your message on her communicator.
"Needed to do the right thing."

July 2012

"Nowhere. Middle of. Well done, sweetie."
"It's my birthday. Survived another year." [with roman_rory]
"Wait ... you want to go where?" [with th_doctor]
"You've mistaken me for somebody else." [with really_oldguy]
[Just lit the Olympic Torch. Cheering.] [with onlytheblue]

Memes [September 2011 onwards]
September 2011:

Super Fluff Meme
Dating Meme
Texts from Last Night Meme

Below is a list of sixwordstories I have participated in.

November 2010:
[40 BC] "Cleopatra, comin' at ya. [really_oldguy ]
River is running away from you.

December 2010:
Christmas Day and drinking all alone. 

January 2011:
[Age 23] "Who is the Doctor?"
"I'd make a good enough wife..."
[1963] Singing soul through the smoke

February 2011:
Silently lands the TARDIS besides you.

March 2011:
"Trying to make me feel guilty?" [info]really_oldguy 
"The Brigadier? Oh, best kisser ever."
Bleeding, carrying a dismantled Cyberman head.
"Your worst mistake was meeting me."

April 2011:
"Stop staring. Ask me to dance."
Drops from mid-air, vortex manipulator smoking.
"You always need a good entrance."

"There's a last time for everything."

May 2011:
You're being taken into U.N.I.T ode2nightingale 

Looking for 'Aplans: The Forgotten Civilisation'

"Wish it didn't have to end."
"I wonder.. was it worth it?"doctorwithahat 
"Really? You expected that to work?"
Dress split reveals her thigh holster.

Judoon has her in a headlock.

Amy thought she heard a voice. "Hello?" apaisleygirl 
Pelting it through Victorian London.
Please don't touch that, really don't. bananasgood 
"Two Doctors? Know what I'd do."

June 2011:
Riding lazily into view, whistling nonchalantly." joe_cartwright 
"Now you know who I am."
"I'm pretty sure that that's racist." dontcallmesmith 
"Oh, it's my birthday! Surprise me!"
"Giant Rat of Sumatra? ... Was delicious." holmes_reptile 
"Today's not the day to refuse me." sillyolddoctor 
Walking through a destroyed village, thoughtful. really_oldguy 
"There's a wasp in the TARDIS..."
"My father no longer recognises me."
"Travelled back to see you, dad..."
Kills a Dalek, with a gun. clevercricketer

 August 2011:
"We're doomed. We're so very doomed." thenurseboy 
"Been shot ... need help ... in TARDIS." ears_n_leather 


Meme Archive
Sometimes, it just takes a silly prompt!

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The Marriage Meme
You Should Have Knocked Meme

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Another Song Begins [for bowtimeandspace]
With Charlotte, Ella and Joshua tucked up in bed, River Song made her way to the bedroom door. She smiled as she looked over her sleeping children, making sure they were still and content before she went to turn off the light. Her fingers flicked the switch, but the light remained on. Frowning in bemusement, she tried the switch again. Still nothing happened. It wasn't the first time this had happened. In fact, in the past couple of weeks, this had been happening more and more.

Five months ago, Professor River Song had died.

No, she'd more than died. She burnt, from the inside out. It had been the most pain she had ever experienced and yet all she could think was it was better her than the Doctor. She thought that was it, that everything was over, and then she'd found herself here, all in one piece, reunited with the friends she had lost to the Vashta Nerada. She had easily taken the computer's children into her care, as well as Charlotte, needing something to fill what was an empty hole in her heart.

Of course, River Song was grateful to be alive, but it came with a price. She would never see the Doctor again, nor her parents, nor her son.

But this was a second chance, and it had been the Doctor's final gift to her.

"Dave," she called in a loud whisper, leaning her head around the door and seeing her old pilot, Proper Dave, peer around the bathroom door, his toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. "The lights," she said. "Again."

Bemused, he made his way out of the bathroom and to the children's bedroom. He looked up at the lights before he tried the switch. The light went out. He laughed gently, looking towards River and seeing the concern on her face.

"It's just the electrics, nothing to worry about."

"I know," she said, chasing away her expression. "I'm just being silly. Probably just the computer having a glitch."

Whenever she spoke about the computer, Dave would frown. He didn't like to see her dismiss everything because it was artificial. If the school bus arrived late, she blamed it on the system clock, if it rained for three days straight, she'd remark it had to be a virus in the system. He didn't want to think of their world like that. He was trying to see it as a new home, just another planet.

"Sorry," River then said, realising she'd done it again. "Sorry," she repeated, dipping her head and turning away from him to go to her bedroom. "Goodnight, Dave."

Dave watched her go in silence, cleaning his teeth in a much slower fashion. He had been trying hard, he really had. They'd decided to give the children a good chance at having some kind of life here by fashioning themselves as their parents. While it was working well for the children, it wasn't working so well for Dave. He'd hoped that might mean something for him and River, just a little something, but she hadn't made any move nor responded to any of his.

Oh, she flirted. She always flirted. But that hurt him more, because she was flirting with a promise he knew she'd never keep.

With another sigh, he closed the bedroom door and made his way back into the bathroom. A few minutes later, he departed to his own bedroom and shut the door on the night.

Date in the Desert [for bowtimeandspace]
The darkened Egyptian streets were lit only by the gleaming orb of the full moon and its sisterhood of stars. Long shadows were cast along the narrow alleyways, occasional torches flickering their flames in doorways of the yellowed mud-brick buildings. The streets were hushed with activity, for night had fallen and those sensible enough had retreated indoors.

It was 1922 and the citizens of Cairo had long learnt to fear nightfall. Stories had been travelling of creatures that came from the desert, hot and smelling of ash. It had started with tales of people being led into the desert for no reason, following no map nor chart, just the creatures. It was said they waited on the outskirts of the sand, waiting in the dark, waiting for their willing victims. 

When these people disappeared, they were never found again.

A screech sounded as a stray cat ran across the dusty alley, spooked by the shrouded figure that walked alone through the night. Slowing by a door, there was a knock before the alley was empty once more and there was no sign of anyone having ever been present.

River Song continued to make her way, now in the dim, muggy environment of one of the local establishments. Many were now forced into small spaces to keep off the streets and it made for uncomfortable quarters. People looked up as she entered, shrouded from head to foot as was the tradition. She made her way through the crowd and into the back, to the small room that had become her place of residence for the past few weeks as she collected as much information as possible about the mysterious happenings in Cairo.

The Clerics were waiting a short distance out of satellite range, ready signal to summon them. They waited in the safety of the space until she found a lead worth following. But that had been over a week and River had only got as far as a local businessman who was said to have met the creatures but avoided their lure.

He was to visit her tonight to tell her more.

River carefully took a gun from her pack and slipped it inside the thin folds of her dress. She knew how to get information out of a man and it wasn't going to end the way he wanted it to.

The Eve of War [for bowtimeandspace]
When the Doctor planned to take River to the Calming Planet of Skabaros, he probably didn't anticipate landing on the eve of the Three Day War of Skabaros. It went down in universal history as one of the quickest wars ever to both start and end, so much so that within a matter of hours, the pleasant and peaceful fountains of the Everlasting Gardens had become a smouldering battleground of rubble and fire.

The bench River had been sat upon enjoying a frozen sour apple only hours ago was currently split into three sections across the gardens. Now, she was ducked low in the shrubbery, listening to the low threatening whine as dark, looming spacecrafts hovered ahead. The warring Qualoc neighbours were coming over for a second attack and River looked up to see the almighty saucers glowing in the darkened sky. It was still daytime, but the residue of the smoke and explosions had filled the sky with the grey smog of warfare.

"This is a fixed point!" River was arguing over the drone of the spacecrafts. "We need to get out of here - now!"

A Matter of Time [for bowtimeandspace]
Turned Away
Times had been busy at the Luna University again. There had been an arrival of new students over the past few weeks and so she had been in at all possible hours to welcome them as head of the Archeology department. She was starting to worry if perhaps she was pushing herself just a little bit too much. As the weeks went by, the days seemed to take their toll more and more. She'd arrive home from the university truly exhausted and even a good night's sleep wasn't helping in the way it used to do.

Things weren't made easier by the fact that she hadn't seen the Doctor during these stressful few weeks and she was hoping he'd turn up soon to give her some much needed reprieve from the day to day stress. Unfortunately, she never knew when the Doctor was due to arrive. He turn up whim, tumbling into her house with his bouncy hair and mad grin and whisk her off on an adventure that made her feel young again. 

But she didn't count on him coming tonight.

Which was why she decided to make her own evening by winding down with a warm bath before relaxing on her bed and reading through one of the latest archeology journals.

Video: My Doctor

Title: My Doctor
Music: River of Tears by Murray Gold
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the footage in this video. It belongs to BBC Wales. I only take credit for the editing.
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: River Song [as played by Millie Archer, Imogen Poots and Alex Kingston.]
Spoilers: Series 6 - Impossible Astronaut
Summary: Set to her heartbreaking monologue from the Impossible Astronaut, watch River Song's story unfold, from the day she first met the Doctor to her final sacrifice.

[I live for the days when I see him ...]

Cross-posted from my personal journal sketty24
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Video: Do It Like A Dude


Title: Do It Like A Dude
Music: Do It Like A Dude by Jessie J
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the footage in this video. It belongs to BBC Wales. I only take credit for the editing.
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: River Song
Spoilers: Series 5 finale of Doctor Who, Series 6 trailer footage.
Summary: Vibrant, sexy and fun, this video intends to capture River Song's spirit - a woman in a man's world.

[ Stomp, stomp, I've arrived ... ]

Cross-posted from my personal journal sketty24
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